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Datura (Angels Trumpet)

Daturas are recognized especially by their striking, trumpet shaped flowers. Daturas grow world wide through all warm and tropic climates. There are many species of Datura varying in height from 3 - 10 feet, all sharing the stunning flowers.

Datura produce unusual, distinctive walnut sized seed pods covered with spikes. It has been used in every area in which it is known, in rites of passage and in diverse forms of Shamanism.

Its psychoactive properties are extraordinary, and there is certainly no plant more associated with magic and Witchcraft than the Daturas. One of the usual modalities in the Datura experience is that of mystical flight - an out-of-the-body sensation.

A very powerful Shamanic tool, it was sometimes said to take years of navigating the spiritual worlds to be ready to learn from Datura and in many cultures its use was forbidden to all but the high priests.

Datura Stramonium Thorn Apples

Datura stramonium Thorn Apples SIX Datura stramonium Thorn Apples / $9.99

Datura Seeds:

Datura Ferox Seeds Datura Ferox Seed Pack / $4.99

Datura Stramonium Seeds Datura Stramonium Seed Pack / $4.99

Datura Metel Seeds Datura Metel Seed Pack / $4.99

Datura Inoxia Seeds Datura Inoxia Seed Pack / $4.99

Dried Datura Foliage: ( Datura Stramonium )

Dried Datura Foliage 2 ounces / $11.99
Dried Datura Foliage

8 ounces / $39.99


Datura Flowers: ( Datura Inoxia )

Datura Flowers 1/2 ounces / $17.99
Datura Flowers

2 ounces / $59.99


Dried Datura Roots: ( Datura Ferox )

Dried Datura Roots 1 ounce / $11.99
Dried Datura Roots 4 ounces / $34.99

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