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Damiana - Tunera Diffusa (Damiana)

Tunera diffusa (Damiana)

Damiana is a small shrub with aromatic leaves found throughout Mexico, Central and South America and the West Indies. The leaves of the Damiana are lanceolate, 10-25 mm long with three to six teeth along the margins.

The botanical name of the plant (Tunera Diffusa) describes Damiana's use as an aphrodisiac, Turnera aphrodisiaca. In the ancient Maya civilization Damiana was used for "giddiness and loss of balance"in addition to an aphrodisiac.

From 1888 to 1947, Damiana leaf and elixir was listed in the National Formulary (NF). For more than 100 years, Damiana's use has been associated with improving sexual function in both males and females.

Damiana acts as an antidepressant, tonic, diuretic, and to treat coughs. Damiana leaves are used in Germany to "relieve excess mental activity and nervous debility" and a tonic action on the hormonal and central nervous systems.

In Holland Damiana is renowned for its sexual enhancing qualities and positive effect on the reproductive organs. The pharmacology of the plant suggests that the alkaloids could have a testosterone-like actions. The chemical composition of Damiana is complex and components have not been completely identified. However, the known make-up is 0.5-1% volatile oil, gonzalitosin (cyanogic glycoside), arbutin, tannin and damianin (a brown bitter substance). The leaf also contains beta-sitosterol, which may account for the stimulant effect on the sexual organs.

Sifted Tunera Diffusa (Damiana) Foliage:


Sifted Tunera Diffusa (Damiana) Foliage 8 oz. Foliage / $6.99

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