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Dioscorea Dregeana - Wild Yam

Dioscorea Dregeana

Dioscorea Dregeana - Wild Yam:

Also known as wild yam. The Zulu names udakwa and isidakwa respectively mean "inducing drowsiness" and "a drunkard" it is a profound sedative that is used to treat epilepsy, hysteria, insomnia and acute psychosis.

This potent narcotic is used to sedate violent, psychotic patients and is also used as an analgesic. In earlier times it was used as general anaesthetic to enable fractures of the limbs to be to be manipulated and stabilised by traditional bonesetters. The tuber is generally taken orally or as a weak decoction with an adequate dose resulting in sleep within 20-30 minutes.

One ounce is equivalent to 10-15 offerings.

Little is known about this interesting ethnobotanical. Absolutely not to be consumed.

Dioscorea Dregeana for sale:

Dioscorea Dregeana 28 grams / $9.99
Dioscorea Dregeana 114 grams / $34.99

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