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Alchornea Floribunda (Iporuru, Iporoni, Macochihua, Niando)

Alchornea floribunda (Iporuru, Iporoni, Macochihua, Niando)

Alchornea floribunda (Iporuru, Nando) is used in Gabonese religions where the root has a reputation as an intoxicant and aphrodisiac. Niando is said to provide a state of intense excitement followed by a deep, sometimes fatal depression.

The locals report that they learned to use the Iporuru root after observing gorillas. It has now been shown that gorillas in Equatorial Guinea and chimpanzees in the Republic of Guinea use the Alchornea floribunda root as an intoxicant.

Indigenous Amazonian peoples and Venezuelan's use the Iporuru roots for everything from treating arthritis to an aphrodisiac to an added ingredient for making Ayahuasca.

Alchornea floribunda Roots:

Alchornea floribunda Roots 4 oz. / $14.99
Alchornea floribunda Roots 16 oz. / $39.99

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