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Kava Kava - Piper Methysticum

Piper Methysticum (Kava Kava)

On special occasions, people living in the South Pacific serve a mood-altering beverage brewed from the ground-up roots of the kava kava tree, just as they’ve done for thousands of years.

Its ritual use as a mild sedative to produce a state of well-being has been described by numerous anthropologists.

In clinical studies, Kava Kava has been proven to significantly reduce clinical anxiety and stress.

Our powder is from pure, organicaly grown plants. No chemicals have been added.

Kava Kava Powder:

Kava Kava Powder

2 oz. Powder / $9.99

Kava Kava Powder

8 oz. Powder / $19.99

Kava Kava Powder

16 oz. Powder / $34.99


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