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Mandragora Officinarum - Mandrake

Mandragora officinarum

Mandragora officinarum - Mandrake:

Mandrake has a very long history of use as a sacred herb. The root of Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) is thought to take on almost a human form. It has been used in association with magic in European folklore.

Mandragora occicinarum (Mandrake) was a common admixture in witches' brews. Mandrake contains extremely large amounts of tropane alkaloids and should be regarded as poisonous. It was often carried for protection and luck.

We offer Chopped and sliced dried Mandrake root.

Mandagora officinarum, Mandrake for sale:

Mandagora officinarum 28 grams / $7.99
Mandagora officinarum 114 grams / $24.99

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