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Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans)

Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans)

Sophora secundiflora (Mescal) is a small tree reaching 35 feet in height with 4 to 6-inch leaves divided into seven to nine leaflets. The flowers are violet-blue, very fragrant, and occur in clusters up to 8 inches long; they bloom from February to April. The pod is furry and contains up to eight red seeds. The plant is native to Texas and New Mexico.

Mescal Beans were used ceremonially as early as 1,500 BC. Spanish explorers noted the Mescal Bean trade in what is now Texas in 1539. Evidence shows that the beans were used regularly by North American natives until the use of Peyote spread up from South America.

The Sophora secundiflora seeds must be nicked and soaked prior to planting. Can be grown outside in the South. Mush be brought indoors during the winter in cooler climates.

Mescal Beans do not contain mescaline.

Sophora secundiflora - Mescal Beans - should be considered poisonous. CONSUMING MESCAL BEANS CAN CAUSE NAUSEA, CONVULSIONS AND DEATH. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans) 5 Seeds / $4.99
Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans) 20 Seeds / $14.99
Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans) 100 Seeds / $59.99

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