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Nelumbo nucifera - Sacred Lotus

Nelumbo nucifera, Sacred Lotus, white lotus

Nelumbo nucifera - Sacred Lotus - White Lotus

The Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) possesses great significance in Eastern religion. Apart from its majestic beauty, the Nelumbo nucifera Lotus is held sacred because of the mystical effects it can produce.

Nelumbo nucifera was often smoked or made into a tea with the idea that it would create a feeling of joy that permeated the mind and body. The flower of the Sacred Lotus was immortalized in Homer's The Odyssey, in which Ulysses and his crew come ashore on the Island of the Lotus-Eaters.

The tubers that form at the bottom of the plant in the winter were and are commonly used as food my Native American tribes and in Japan.

We sell dried petals of the Sacred Lotus flower, which resemble tobacco leaves in appearance and texture and Sacred Lotus seeds.

Nelumbo nucifera Seeds Seed Pack / $4.99
Nelumbo nucifera Flowers 14 Grams Flowers / $11.99
Nelumbo nucifera Flowers 114 Grams Flowers / $59.99
Nelumbo nucifera Flowers 454 Grams Flowers / $199.99

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