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Nicotiana Glauca

Nicotiana Glauca

Nicotiana Glauca:

Nicotiana glauca AKA Tree Tobacco was considered the most powerful of the Nicotiana species. The hallucinogenic properties were believed to be more powerful and, like all of the Nicotiana, it was used for many medical treatments.

Some are studying Nicotiana glauca to be used as a treatment for nicotine addiction since it does not contain nicotine. Instead, Nicotiana glauca's active ingredient is anabasine--an alkaloid similar to nicotine.

Nicotiana glauca Seeds Seed Pack / $4.99
Nicotiana glauca foliage 28 grams foliage / $9.99
Nicotiana glauca foliage 114 grams foliage / $39.99

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