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Heimia Salicifolia (Sun Opener, Sinicuichi)

Heimia Salicifolia (Sun Opener, Sinicuichi)

Hemia salicifolia is a flowering shrub that grows from Mexico to Argentina and is widely cultivated through its range.

Hemia salicifolia has a Shamanic tradition dating to the Aztecs. The leaves were crushed, mixed with water and allowed to ferment for a few days, making a nice-tasting tea called Sinicuichi. The effect of the Sinicuichi tea was a euphoriant and a brightening/yellowing of vision, hence the name "Sun Opener." Sinicuichi is also thought to give the ability to recall past events with great clarity and has the unusual characteristic of being an auditory hallucinogen.

Sinicuichi Seeds, Foliage:

Sinicuichi Seeds Seed Pack / $4.99
Freshly Harvested Sinicuichi Foliage from Argentina 114 grams (4 oz.) / $24.99
Freshly Harvested Sinicuichi Foliage from Argentina 454 grams (pound) / $79.99
Freshly Harvested Sinicuichi Foliage from Argentina Kilo (2.2 pounds) / $149.99

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