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Virola theiodora AKA Virola

Virola theiodora AKA Virola

Virola theiodora AKA Virola, Epena, Parica, Nyakwana and Yakee

Virola theiodora goes by various names depedning on the tribe. Virola excudes a red resin from its inner bark. It is prepared as a snuff in western Amazon basin.

Epena (Virola theiodora) was used ceremonially by adult males. Use of Virola theiodora was generally restricted to Shamans and medicine men to diagnose and treat illness. Epena was often used in association with Justicia. Our bark is freshly harvested from South America. This bark is great for use in crafts.

Virola theiodora contains poisonous Tryptamine Alkaloids. Do not consume.

Virola bark from South Africa now on sale to buy.

Virola bark 100 grams / $14.99
Virola bark 250 grams/ $25.99

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